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Fairless Removals are a family owned business and have been moving homes and offices for over 25 years in the Melbourne and surrounding areas.  We move homes, offices and businesses.  No job is too big or too small.  We know how to take care of your precious belongings and we specialise in making your move as stress free as possible. Fairless Removals can collect, deliver, store your goods, provide packing materials, assist you with your home move or relocate your business for you. No matter what type of moving service you are looking for, our removals team can look after you. All trucks are full equipped with blankets, pads and materials to protect your precious belongings. NO EXTRA or HIDDEN CHARGES…… We do not charge you extra for Larger truck Fuel Tolls Stairs You pay a flat per hour fee when the job is finished. Minimum 2 hour charge $132 per hour for Truck & Two Men. You pay the initial 2 hour fee and then charges are made in 15 minute increments, each extra 15 minutes is $33.   If your job is 2hrs and 15 minutes that is all that you pay for. You pay for the time it takes us to complete your job, no matter how big or small. No Obligation to book for any amount of time. We specialise in small jobs. To make a booking call 03 9885 6722 or 0418 383 893  or email info@fairlessremovals.com.au Choose the Time that suits you To lock in your move Date all you have to do is Decide what time and day suits you. Ring and book your time. Get an estimate on how long your move will take. We provide advice on how to make your move easier.  Of course the more you have pre packed the quicker and cheaper the move will be. Furniture Dissemble / Re Assemble Do you find taking apart your furniture difficult?  Most of us do and it we have the right tools  to take your beds, bookshelves, office desks and other furniture apart for moving and put them together again at your destination.  We do this as a part of our service to you.  Estimated time guide for moving fully pre packed homes. This is a guide only for a fully pre packed home. 1 Bedroom unit/house = 3 – 4 hours 2 Bedroom unit/house = 4 – 6 hours 3 Bedroom unit/house = 5 – 7 hours General estimates are based on a standard pre-packed 3 bedroom house on ground level and flat access that is within 25 metres of the doorway.  Properties with stairs, split levels, narrow or long driveways, garages that are full, or moves that require assistance with packing and dismantling of furniture are not standard jobs and are charged for the time it takes. Fairless Removals prides itself in providing great value for money. Your move is as important to us as it is to you.  Call our moving Manager and we can discuss your move and provide you with as much information and advice that we can.                                   For your FREE estimate Today call Robbie Fairless

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