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Moving Advice

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There are many things to consider when making your home / office or business move.  Something we have done on many occasions ourselves and it can be a stressful time.  Our tips and advice will help you organise and be comfortable with your move. Prepare              Prepare               Prepare We can’t say that enough, the more you do beforehand the easier it will be.  We have checklists that you can download and print or do online Choosing a moving company Communication with your mover is important.  You need to feel comfortable with your mover and that they can help you whenever you need advice, and who you can discuss anything and communicate effectively. Establish the date of your move early, and reconfirm several days prior to the move.  It is best to have written confirmation and emails to avoid miscommunication. Prepare Ahead There are a great number of things that you need to organise ahead of time.  Use our checklist to help you organise your move.  Packing Materials Think about what each room has, how much you want to keep and what you need to clear out.  Remember to pack heavy items in smaller book boxes.  It is best to buy better quality boxes, some supermarket stock boxes may be made from softer cardboard and may not hold up to the move. White paper, and bubble wrap for fragile items, newspaper can leave ink stains on some items. Label your boxes clearly with what rooms they need to go into Access to your home How easy is it for the removal van / truck to access your current and future home?  Do you have a flat easy to access driveway without stairs or do you have a narrow, steep driveway and a house with stairs?  Do you have furniture that needs to be dismantled and then reassembled?  Will you do this or will you ask the movers to do this for you?  All of these need to be taken into account in how long it will take to remove and unload your goods from our van / trucks. Priority Box It is essential that you keep one or two boxes marked “priority” in an easy place to access.  One box keep your important documentation, jewellery , keys and other important goods.  The other box, kettle, tea / coffee, snacks, water, dishwash, tea towels, paper cups, and cleaning materials, so that you can readily make those important hot drinks to keep you going.  Take these with you in your car.
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Moving Advice